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A query about something is a common and repetitive occurrence at the workplace. Now generally, the employee has to login to the portal and create. A ticket (or sometimes even commute to the it or administrative block) and fill out a lengthy form mentioning the whole ordeal and then wait for a person to manually fix the issue. Now let’s say you bring conversational ai to this rather painstaking venture. First, you’re greeted by a friendly and empathetic virtual assistant that understands your problem then, it collects all the information in a conversational manner. And creates a ticket automatically in the backend with necessary. Information and sends notifications to the concerned.

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Resolution it enquires if you’re happy with the resolution. And let’s say you’re not it will seamlessly hand you off to a live agent who can assist you with your problem. Adding a layer of conversational ai can make all the difference to your itsm implementation. Ai can open up to a lot of new possibilities and make the agents’ job easier, the experience Canada Business Email List  of the user better and bring more value to the organization so that everyone wins. Isn’t this the future we wanted. What is conversational ai doing to enhance hr? The workforce is evolving, and so is the role of hr. In today’s world, it and hr are considered. Crucial for the success of a business.

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Hr has to attract engage and retain

Top talent while it has to ensure employees receive fast. Service and resolutions to their queries and requests. Bridging the gap between business and hr is not an easy challenge to solve. Struggles with payroll, policy, engagement, transparency. Employee happiness, recruitment, and managing the ever changing workplace are challenges Fjlists that give even the best of chros sleepless nights. The notion – “we have to do more with less” resonates highly in the hr circles. And the reality is even more grueling. Imagine. A small workforce (less than 100 people team) handling an enterprise with 10000+ employees. These challenges, if left unchecked. Would open doors to high attrition rates.


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