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Use Google Cache in SEO to detect JavaScript or CSS issues. For example, if the Google cache version of your site is messy , it could be a sign that bots can’t crawl your CSS/JS . In most cases the problem is only with the cache and the live version is fine, but just in case it’s a good idea to check using GSC.

If you added content to an existing document, you can check the HTML text variants (text-only variants) in Google’s cache to ensure that Google is reading and indexing the newly added content.

If you’ve made technical changes to the source code , you can see those changes in the ” Source ” tab of Google’s cached version . For example, if you change the meta description of a page, you can see if the changes have been made to appear in the SERPs.

Google Cache for niche editing and hierarchical link building

Google Cache can also be used well for link building.

Long-tail keywords for lHere’s how to monitor technical SEO

You can use Google Cache to track the performance cell phone lists of your pages after updates.

Let’s say you changed your content a month ago and are now seeing a visible SEO improvement.

It might be a good idea to go back and see what adjustments were made to other pages as well. The cached version of the page will show this! However, you have to be very quick when using this method. Otherwise, you’ll need a web archive to see before and after changes.

Have your website information ready in case the website goes down.

Google Cache is an add-on that acts as a backup in case your live website goes down. Google Cache allows you to access and retrieve important data on your website even when the live version is unavailable.

Measure content performance

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Technical SEO Monitoring

It’s especially useful for two types of link building: niche editing and hierarchical link building.

Niche editing, or link insertion, is FJ Lists editing existing content on another site to add a link to your target page. Check out this guide that explains niche editing strategies in detail .

Because of Google’s cache, it will take some time for your newly niche edits to be up by Google and start delivering link juice.

This is because Google cannot crawl the source URL immediately after inserting the link.

Google Cache helps Google identify whether link insertion has already been .

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