Contextual Chatbots to Enable More Personalized Interactions


Global research and advisory firm gartner believe that approximately 85% of customer interactions will be handled by ai driven conversational chatbots in the next five years, stressing the need for more advanced automated conversational interactions more than ever. Most users are averse to getting their answers resolved by chatbots, this is due to the conversational depth and personalization customers are often looking for. Let’s go over what contextual intelligence can do for your business and digital strategy. What drives it, and what technologies will be involved over the next few years.

Exploring maturity levels for chatbot

Capabilities looking at the evolution of chatbots and. What maturity level you might be when deploying these solutions, it is important to track the trajectory. Of how advanced and personalized an experience you want to provide your customers in order to help. Your customers self-serve and automate most of the interactions seamlessly. There have Belgium Business Email List been several levels and paths associated with the levels of maturity to what your chatbot can truly do for you. Over the past 8 years, virtual assistants have evolved through many levels. The basic level 1 chatbots are essentially notification assistants. Where you simply receive notifications on specific use cases likecontract.

B2B Email List

Reminders and renewals for your

Phone or insurance’ and more. Then came the faq assistants that enabled users to receive. Immediate resources and helpful links to their problems; in this case, users could find more about their phone contract policies on their own. These are Fjlists the most commonly used virtual assistants we see today, where chatbots can extract knowledge internally. Or externally to present to the user. Level 3, however, takes it to another. Level where the bot anticipates what a user needs. This includes superior intelligence through sentiment detection and being able to have a 2-way interactive dialogue.


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