Companies that measure the return on investment in marketing improvement


Companies that use big data to analyze social conversation are 22% more profitable. Companies focus on the web, social networks and applications to influence consumers, but they declare that the channels that influence them the most are search engines and third-party recommendations . Price, reputation and availability being the variants that most influence consumers when making a purchasing decision. The exponential development of new technologies has radically changed the way in which human beings relate to each other and in which various organizations interact. In this environment of rapid and constant change, it is essential to understand the role that information and business intelligence have in decision-making processes.

Companies do not think about the consumer

Thus, in Iberia category email list search engines (16.1%), third-party recommendations (15.7%) and social networks (12%) are the most influential sources of information for consumers in their purchasing decisions. The factors that most affect them are price (15.3%), reputation (13.4%) and availability of the product or service (13.1%). On the other hand, the executives surveyed believe that the web is the most influential medium (22%), followed by social networks (12%) and APPS (12%). In short, it is necessary to optimize the mix of where companies focus, also taking into account the degree of satisfaction perceived by consumers for each of the channels.

Betting on digital transformation improves results

Specifically, the average profitability FJ Lists of companies that use Big Data solutions to analyze social conversation in digital environments is almost 22% higher than that of companies that do not use them. The adoption of advanced intelligence solutions that allow measuring the reputation and level of recommendation of a certain brand is key so that companies can make informed decisions that allow them to adopt improvement measures. Something fundamental considering that reputation is the second most influential factor in consumer purchasing decisions, and recommendations from acquaintances are the second most used and most influential means.

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