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If your homepage isn’t working properly, your content, campaigns, and SEO won’t all help. You only have one chance to impress your first-time visitors. First of all, you need to optimize your pages to load quickly and be functional. Every element on your page should be focused on providing the best customer experience . Just as you wouldn’t visit a poorly designed site, find it annoying, or recommend it to others, the same principle applies to sites.


Images and videos can take a long time to load, so it’s best to optimize and compress them first. Meta tags help with SEO positioning and are invisible to visitors. Meanwhile, Google takes meta tags very seriously, so you should use them and change them occasionally. Google standards change frequently, so what works today may not be best practice tomorrow. Check your site for bad or dead links and interconnect your content to maximize SEO potential.


Specialize in a few platforms

Being widespread on the internet cold calling scripts for bankers can dilute its potential. Since SEO requires specific information and results, more does not necessarily mean better. Running campaigns and running ads on every social platform imaginable is expensive, time-consuming, and detracts from your brand. The reason why different platforms exist is because they target specific audiences.


Your product or service is not ideal for everyone, so your social media marketing should not target every user on each platform. Diligent research will help you figure out which platform is right for you. You can use up to 3 of them, but they should always be used as your main platform and can be expanded by up to 2 more.

Content marketing

Content is the core of your SEO strategy. If you have quality content that resonates and connects with your FJ Lists audience, you’re on the right track to success. Content is what separates businesses that want to succeed from those that are truly trying. In today’s world of artificial intelligence, computer-generated content, and automated messaging, people crave direct, human contact. Although technology for creating all types of media has advanced greatly, nothing can replace or replicate the human touch.

Curated content that meets the needs and desires of your future customer base is a way to grab people’s attention. Quality content is shared by users because everyone wants something of value, and your content can be that something. Each comment, share, and interaction represents an opportunity for you to grow and your SEO to thrive.

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