Validate that there no pending claims to resolve


Validate that there no pending claims to resolve in your a. Have control of the databases in your charge. Follow physical filing protocols. Do not use computers outside the company without authorization set strong passwords for computers cful with suspicious. Links and do not install unauthoriz programs on computers. If you lik th content vit our marketing strategy and plan cluster where you can access more articles and free courses. To continue learning how digital marketing enhances the growth of your business. And don’t ms the next webinar on th topic keys to the personal. Data law in the digital world which we will hold on octor with the expert dr.

Define a crisis

Lu félix barriga palomino . Regter here. Create an influencer marketing strategy for your brand or business. Learn about the types of influencers how to choose the right one for your brand and some results you can expect from them Marketing mobile app development service university. The human factor direct recommendation “word of mouth take on a new dimension in the field of digital. Marketing with the appearance of brand or product validators. Known as “ influencers these characters essential cause they create strong. Emotional connections tween brands and their users with very close and forceful messages.

Activate the crisis management team

Its importance in current marketing has en such that there already. Talk of influencer marketing a trend that has gain ground. In recent years due to the good FJ Lists results it shows. Th evidenc for example in the fact that it presents measurable kp impeccable. Campaigns and a great potential to connect with the nes and tastes of consumers. On the other hand influence understood as the “power of a person or thing to determine or alter someone’s way of thinking or acting allows us to size the role of the influencer in marketing that uses social networks.

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