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The first place architects. Summarize and transfer orders to the client for further processing. To complete tasks and achieve goals. We chose the social network VKontakte. The main selection criteria were the possibility of a quick, powerful start and a variety of tools to perform all tasks. The work has start. Task . Notify students about a discount on university sweatshirts client s task develop a promotion strategy and select tools publication of an announcement post creation and promotion of an event through reposts and invitations from university groups daily publication of reminder posts here and there creation of a discussion for ordering.

What do trade fairs give us

Start post for accepting orders monitoring. The correctness photo editing servies of students placing orders motivating posts. On the opening day. Of order acceptance here and there develop design layouts for each tool group avatar. Meeting avatar , post layout identify motivators limit the time and place for accepting orders , limit the product and color line allocate additional time and human resources hours designer , hours project manager. Hours technical specialist , hours marketer , hours account manager. Task . Prepare a tool for correctly collecting orders create a discussion chose this particular place for collecting orders because it has a separate page with a direct link.

How can digital tools help sell

You can leave an order in the comments. You can pin the discussion FJ Lists on top of all others and see. The number of orders without going into it more orders more likely click through rates and the appearance of. A new order determine a short order template name , telephone , product size , color , university determine. A limit number of order products hoodie sweatshirt in six colors Task . Motivate students to leave orders It so happen that we completely solve this problem by completing the first two. So , in honor of Students’ Day.

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