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That one tips on how to start writing blog texts blog texts – how to start. Prepare a starting title Before you start writing a new text. Come up with at least one preliminary title for the article. Knowing your headline before you start writing helps you stay on topic. Write factually about what you promise in your headline. Define your audience Think about who you are writing a blog post for. Once you understand your audience, it will be much easier to reach them: you will start. To adjust your writing style, the length of paragraphs and the length. The entire text to make them more effective. 

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Know your goal All the content you write should be create according to a master plan. Before you start creating a blog.  Identify the main content marketing goal. Building brand awareness.  Complementing the e-mail photo editor database, creating SEO resources, etc. Steal, but don’t copy Check what your competition is writing about and ‘steal’ the best topics.  That can increase the popularity of your blog. However, remember to never copy text even in minimal amounts. As you may be penalize by the search engine.  Try to add value When writing a blog, don’t just focus on the length of the text itself.

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Also try to include interesting information, facts and statistics. Current news and information is always better and helpful to the reader. Blog texts – seo. Choose one main keyword. Learn keyword searching to identify the best phrase to use in your post. It should accurately represent the topic, be relevant to your industry, and be relatively high in popularity and low in difficulty.  Use your main phrase in FJ Lists your title Combine point with point – include the main keyword in the selecte title. It is best if they are present at the very beginning of the header. 

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