Everything You Need To Know About SEO in Marketing


SEO (search engine optimization) is the term for making online content readily accessible and recognizable to search engines. The best keywords are ones that mimic natural ways that humans search. For instance, an example of a good long-tail keyword is: “funny cat videos.

An example of a poor long-tail keyword is: “very short movies featuring felines that make people laugh upon viewing them.

What Are Examples of SEO in Marketing

The concept behind SEO marketing has do with the digital world. In the Whatsapp Number List real world, anyone who wishes to draw attention to themselves or their business can market to the human senses; sight, hearing, smell, touch, speech. in the digital world, of course, bots don’t have those senses; everything is in code. But since uploaded content is translated into coding language that bots can understand, we use the written word and other coding markup to communicate to bots so that the content receives relevant attention.

What is Relevant Attention?
Relevant attention simply means attention from a target audience. As an online content marketer, you want to receive attention from your target market. For instance, if you run an e-commerce site that sells pet supplies, you want to attract pet owners to your site. If you operate an online toy store, you want to attract parents. From a marketing perspective, attracting an irrelevant audience costs you money in terms of advertising costs. For example, you don’t want people with no interest in pets clicking on your ads when you are paying for each click.

What is SEO Marketing?
SEO marketing is the practice of purposely implementing SEO strategies in order to draw traffic to your site for the purposes of making a sale. For marketing purposes, SEO should include:

using targeted keywords above the fold
ensuring the site is designed for mobile first
having an SSL certificate in place
ensuring the site is handicap accessible
offers value for the user
fast loading times
A site that is lacking in any of these factors may not rank high in Google’s search engine and have a negative impact on marketing expectations.

What Are Good SEO Keywords

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These are just the five basic SEO considerations. The best way to find good keywords for any particular topic is to use a keyword research tool. These are readily found online and are typically available to use at no cost. It’s these SEO experts and marketing FJ Lists professionals who typically utilize SEO checklists.

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