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Examples of items you can remove include code comments and unused code. Using stripped down variable and function names can also go a long way in speeding up your site.


duplicate content

If more than one page of your website can be accessed through multiple URLs, you have duplicate content . You may be using a blogging system that automatically saves different URLs when you place the same post in multiple sections.


You may want your website to be accessible from multiple device types. So you might have one URL for non-mobile, one for mobile, and one for accelerated mobile pages (AMP).

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After all, duplicate content is detrimental to SEO. It confuses search engines and prevents them from serving relevant content to their target audience.


problem solving

Addressing content duplication has only one goal: specify telephone biz which of the ‘duplicates’ is the main page. This process is called standardization, and there are three ways to do it:


301 redirect

Let’s start with the classic 301 redirect, which redirects users from a duplicate page to the main page. One thing you can do for your potentially high-ranking pages is to tie that content to your main page. There is no page competition, and this main page can score higher on relevance and popularity. As a result, your page’s potential ranking will increase.

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Rel=”canonical” is the code added to the HTML header of each clone, so it looks like this:

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Google Search Console

The easiest way to resolve duplicate content is to use Google Search Console. Just go to the website and follow the instructions to set up your desired domain. Depending on the optional parameters you set, you can specify whether Googlebot will crawl different URLs uniquely.


You can use the two individually or together, taking into account your URL structure and why there is duplicate content. The problem with Google Search Console is that any rules you set apply only to Google and not to other search engines.


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