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Let’s start with the basics. What is conversational ai? Conversational ai is a set of technologies that enables machines to interact with humans in natural language. Intelligent virtual assistants are the media for these interactions, these can be either voice or chat conversations. We encounter numerous use cases of conversational ai in our routine activities. Here’s an example – james, an average individual, starts his day by asking alexa (his voice assistant) how the weather is. His personal iva updates him about the day and meetings. He chats with his banking virtual assistant to book an appointment.

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Documents by interacting with hr assistants; on his way out, seeks google assistant’s help to find the address of the nearest bank; and much more. The list goes on – there are infinite use cases of conversational ai in day-to-day life. All these are making our lives easy and convenient. “More than 50% of enterprises will spend more per year US Business Email List on bots and chatbot creation than on traditional mobile app development.” – gartner. How ai is shaping the future. The ability of technology to understand the human language is setting it apart. Machine learning and natural language processing act. As a backbone for successful implementation.

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Identifying the intent and extracting the entities accurately. The beauty of this technology is that it allows you to interact in any language and on any channel of communication-voice, chat and digital; provided you use the right tools and techniques while building virtual assistants. Banking-account-opening on the other hand, businesses Fjlists are also betting on this. Technology to stay close to their customers and assist them rightly and quickly. As we see, businesses are struggling to engage their customers, one bad experience is costing them a lot as the customer is moving to the competitor. There are many reasons for this, including high call volumes. To the support team, limited channels for customers.


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