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According to comScore, 76% of users are between 18 and 34 years old. A young audience which is of interest to brands, which are increasingly appropriating the features and investing in the field of Snapchat advertising. And among these brands, some have stood out for their genius and creativity by exploiting the full potential of Snapchat. Check out the 9 brands we think have it all figured out at Snapchat. 1 Netflix and its brilliant display campaigns.

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After surfing on the trend of the “faceswap” filter in 2016 with the installation of posters bearing the effigy of the main heroes of its whatsapp mobile number list original creations, Netflix did it again with Snapchat recently. In the metros of several major French cities, posters have thus appeared showing the heads of famous characters from the Netflix series. From Piper Chappman (Orange is The New Black) to Eleven (Stranger Things), Saul Goodman (Better Call Saul) and Pablo Escobar (Narcos), iconic Netflix characters are on display to allow Snapchat users to create Original stories.

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Thanks to the latest scissors feature, a user can. Cut out the head of their favorite character to make a sticker to stick anywhere in FJ Lists their Story. Taco Bell and its sponsored lenses If you are a Snapchat user, you are surely. Aware that by long pressing on a face when taking a photo. A choice of animated filters (lenses) will appear. It is this feature that Taco Bell, an American fast food chain, has exploited. On the annual “Cinco de Mayo” commemoration day. The company broke all records by totaling 224 million views thanks to a lens that transformed you into giant tacos.

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