Release so introduced the Process Assistant

An industry-first capability that allows enterprises to conversationally trigger user requests by easily designing and deploying complex multi-step, multi-user business process workflows. Ligical operations automation, enabled by kore.Ai’s patented [ml+2] nlp technology is one thing but to architect an end-end contact center solution that delivers an extraordinary customer experience or cx is another. Contact center as-a-service we have been. Learning about frustrated customers using legacy or ai retrofitted ivrs as well as unhappy agents who see no challenge in their daily. Routine tasks and therefore no career prospects. They would much rather be a part of driving topline.

Revenue growth via upselling cross-selling

To respond to these challenges kore.Ai launched smartassist, the world’s first ai-native end-to-end contact center as-a-service [ccaas] solution. Smartassist, designed to replace or augment legacy ivr implementations, gives agents a unified workspace for comprehensive ai-native assistance while delivering on the promise of concurrently Luxembourg Business Email List delivering an optimized customer and agent experience with ai-based automation and agent augmentation. Kore.Ai also launched agentassist which can be integrated with any agent desktop. It listens to the conversation between the customer. And agent and provides the agent. With the next best action suggestions.

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And also fulfills transactions on

Back-end systems on behalf of the agent, thereby. Making the agent highly efficient and allowing the agent to focus on serving the customers’ needs. Industry-specific solutions in addition to these stellar advancements on the industry’s leading Fjlists enterprise conversational ai (xo) platform and the industry’s first ai-native contact center solution. We listened closely to the needs of customers and prospects who required off-the-shelf automation. Solutions (with pre-built domain-trained virtual assistants) for retail banking use cases to address the burgeoning volumes of routine. Banking inquiries like account balances, money transfers, pay bills, etc.


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