Minimizes Operational Efforts & Presents Greater Insights

In this experience-driven world, everything boils down to satisfying. Customer needs at the right time and in the right way. Of course, intelligent virtual assistants (ivas) are delivering this efficiently. Brands are also adopting this technology to enhance the experiences of their customers and employees at large. Developing, deploying, and managing virtual assistants isn’t a rosy job. It requires great operational efficiency. The experience of working with global enterprises across industries has helped us understand this better. In the kore.Ai xo platform release v9.3, we have primarily focused on goal-driven processes.

The ultimate goal is to simplify automate

Operations and processes involved in building ivas and provide meaningful insights and critical metrics to help you make corrective decisions. Let’s explore what we have for you in the release v9.3 xo platform v9.3 video goal-driven framework for  Bulk SMS Service flawless iva training & testing it goes without saying that a virtual assistant’s performance mainly depends on the quality and quantity of training. However, some techniques like patterns. Concepts, ontology, and others enhance the training efficiency. But how do we measure the effectiveness. Of the training? Well, the answer is the ‘goal-driven’ nlu performance.

 Bulk SMS Service

Monitoring framework – it

Analyzes batch test results. And provides recommendations that help you to improve the iva training and testing. Health & monitoring Fjlists module: you get a 360-degree view of the nlp training provided to the virtual assistant by seeing the overall accuracy, f1 score, precision, and recall. With an in-depth analysis of the test coverage and data results. Achieve close to an error-free iva training additional validations. Get extra help. The platform identifies and alerts you for incorrect patterns, short utterances, and incorrect entity annotations.


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