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Are skyrocketing, contact centers are overwhelmed. Live agents are expensive, agents are fatigued, and customers are anxiously waiting long periods before they can speak to a live agent. How about integrating a cutting-edge solution that they can engage with. To address their queries. If their immediate needs are satisfied then there’s no need for agent involvement. But there can still be a path to human-agent handover for customers. That require further assistance. By bridging the gap between voice and digital support channels contact centers can. Open up more potential for automation.

Out of hours accessibility and thoughtful

Call deflection. Ivrs have structural limitations. And making. Changes to these existing systems can prove time-consuming and expensive. Whether your ivr is based on a modern cloud-based solution or any other technology the concept of making changes. To these Maldives Business Email List existing systems can prove time-consuming and expensive. But integrating your existing ivr with smartassist.Ai or setting it up as your ivr is easy and possible. Smartassist.Ai can be scaled dynamically as it is built on the kore.Ai platform and is cloud-based so. Any call can be taken from any ivr solution. Including sip domain.

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Transfers depending on the business

Rules like customer wait times, customer experience. Costs per live agent, and more. Smartassist.Ai also provides built-in support for capturing customer requests through both virtual agent Fjlists interactions and rich digital forms, allowing you to quickly. Collect needed information before handing off to your back office, live chat, or messaging agents. Here are a few other capabilities of smartassist.Ai contact center automation software check out this short demo video to see how a call defection virtual assistant can work: also read: how to cook up a ‘smart.


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