Conversational IVR is not your typical phone menu

Today technology appears to be invasive, especially the wearable options with airpods becoming the norm and so also smart voice assistants. Conversing with and through technology is likely to see a steady growth. Shouldn’t enterprises then think of voice as one of. The primary sources of communication with their customer? And if so, how? This question sparked a conversation between dominic spalinger, postfinance voicebot product owner and kore. The possible ways of addressing the concerns related to overworked contact centers while improving the overall customer experience were explored.

Customers equipped with ivr

Customers equipped with ivr dominic says he often. Gets asked why companies spend tons of money to acquire new customers when they do. Not want to talk to them (think long and boring ivr menus). His take is rather simple: “it’s just the opposite. Companies want to offer their customers. Added value in combination with human agents. We Greece Business Email List want to get them access to our system and our content 24×7,” he said. At postfinance, they are trying to do this “by creating a compelling pairing of bots with human intelligence to get the most out of the process”. 3. The rush to speak to an agent the rush to speak to an agent.

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Several companies rely on interactive

Voice responses (ivr) as part of their customer care call center processes. These conventional ivr systems can be aggravating; for example, a pre-recorded operator rattles off option after option from a menu, when you call a helpline. While the Fjlists wait is bad enough, customers could make the wrong choice and end up frustrated. If they attempt to bypass the menu altogether and start speaking with a live agent directly, long wait times could lead to exasperation, leaving them unhappy. The question then is, can your contact center become intelligent. And not just a drab phone menu? Also read. A practitioner’s guide to conversational ai. Technology transforming your contact.


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