Contact Centers are Improving CSAT Scores while Reducing

Improving customer satisfaction sounds like it would be an easy task – you just need to make every customer on every call happy each and every time. This, of course, doesn’t account for things like long hold times from large call volumes or high agent attrition from the daily stress of it all. Or rising customer expectations through a need for instant gratification. When you sit down and consider all the factors to make that goal a reality, it really starts to feel like a pipedream. This is where Conversational AI comes in. Through intelligent automation and smart recommendations, contact centers are improving customer satisfaction while reducing service costs.

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Leader achieved 70% reduction in call waiting time with AI Why Improving CSAT is the Best ROI How many times have you called or messaged a brand and been disappointed by the experience, or lack thereof? The truth is, most of these Fax Lists interactions leave us wanting more. Consumers have extremely high expectations when it comes to their brand experiences and every year that expectancy gets higher and higher. For many customers, having a bad experience is enough to change brands. So much so that Businesswire found that 86% of consumers will leave a brand they trusted after only two poor customer experiences.

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For a bad customer experience. Positive customer experiences will create lasting brand advocates and the best, most effective way to do that is by ensuring your agents can put your customers first at every point in the customer journey – and Fjlists they don’t have to do it alone. How Artificial Intelligence is Affecting Customer Satisfaction When applied to customer experiences, Conversational AI uses machine learning and intelligence to truly understand a variety of human intents and to interact with them on a natural, conversational level. In a study, published in the Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management.


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