Change JDK Version


Now, let’s walk through the process of changing the JDK version in IntelliJ IDEA. Follow these steps carefully to ensure a smooth transition:

Open IntelliJ IDEA

Start by launching IntelliJ IDEA from your desktop or application menu. Ensure you have the project for which you want to change the JDK version opened or ready to be opened.

Access Project Settings

Once IntelliJ IDEA is open, locate and open thailand phone number your Java project. In the top menu bar, navigate to  

Change Project SDK

In the Project Structure dialog that appears Belgium Phone Number  locate the  settings on the left sidebar. Under the   dropdown menu, you’ll see the currently selected JDK version. To change it, click on the dropdown menu and select the desired JDK version from the list.

If the JDK version you want to use is not listed, click on   and navigate to the installation directory of the JDK on your system. IntelliJ IDEA will detect the JDK and add it to the list of available SDKs.

Apply Changes

After selecting the JDK version,  to confirm the changes. IntelliJ IDEA will update the project settings to use the newly selected JDK version.

Verify Configuration

To verify that the JDK version has been successfully changed, check the project configuration and settings within IntelliJ IDEA. Ensure that there are no errors or warnings related to JDK compatibility or missing dependencies.

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