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Conversation transcript to make data-driven decisions. Conversation flow: track all the events identified during the conversation, such as intent identifications. Entity or confirmation retries, task execution failures, etc. Chat & user history: view the entire chat transcript and navigate to other conversations of the user labels: add labels/tags to the conversations that need follow-up for nlp updates, flow corrections, etc. View xo platform v9.3 release notes custom training for none intent you can now train the none intent to include the faqs from knowledge. Graph to avoid potential conflict between the dialog and faq intents.

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Intent with your custom training utterances to cover any use cases that are currently not part of your virtual assistant. This is not all. We have many more enhancements – more channels to interact with your customers. The kore.Ai xo platform B2B Email List supports 35+ voice and digital channels. From this release, the platform offers support to zendesk sunshine we are now introducing web sdk 2.0. The latest version offers customization templates using angular and react js frameworks with modular architecture there are also a few nlp updates. That enhance the training – out-of-the-box synonyms for. The chinese language, refreshed address entity. And additional formats.

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Hese are the critical updates; as always. You will now see a lot of security and performance updates.Their processes on multiple tools are creating an entangled experience. Focus has shifted from “I need tools that help me collaborate, organize, and Fjlists manage work” to “I need a single tool that helps me be more productive on all fronts”. Today’s workforce demands a “Single window service” that can empower employees with personalized, fast, reliable service – anywhere, anytime. Thankfully, we live in times where technology. Has progressed enough to become a reliable companion to employees.
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